Experience, quality and style since 1963

The origins of SEGAFREDO COSTRUZIONI GENERALI dates back to 1963, when his founder Luigi Segafredo started up the construction company, working within civil purposes in the beginning, making real estates and restorations.
In 1990, with the entry of Massimo Segafredo, the company widen its working ranges:
• Urbanization works, gardens and green areas
• Civil, commercial, industrial and infrastructural engineering works
• Restorations and rehabilitations
• Requalifications and antiseismic retrofitting
• Reinforcing
• Sports complexes
• Agricultural-technical systems
• Photovoltaic systems
In 2011 the business extended abroad with the opening of a new branch located in Bucharest, Romania.
The Romanian company Soluzione Costruzioni, of Italian origin, works globally, bringing a 50 years experience heritage, still today for competences, quality respecting deadlines, managing various projects in Romania and collaborations with managers of Middle-East companies.
All the works are done with constant attention, from the project planning phase to the delivery, through an efficient and proven network of specific collaborations for every branch
Soluzione Costruzioni is certified with the highest standards:
• quality management standard SR EN ISO 9001:2008
• environmental management standard EN ISO 14001:2005
• occupational health and safety management standard OH SAS 18001:2008
We choose to look for innovative solutions that we fulfill always availing on cutting edge technologies.