Various systems of reinforced soil in containment.

Our company plans and builds infrastructures like streets, integrated with new technologic solutions planned to improve transport infrastructures. Streets are of high quality and will help to reduce acoustic, air and water pollution. Soluzione Costruzioni is highly experienced in building streets of all kind, access facilities to industrial platforms or urban streets, even main streets construction ,highways with their respective bridges, roundabouts, underpasses and tunnels. We make mechanically stabilized earth and reinforcing systems, drainage and soil erosion control systems. Reinforcing structures in reinforcing soil can be employed in various fields of application, the main are: roads and railroads embankments, restoring and strengthening of collapsed street soil. Our company builds aqueducts, gas pipelines, sewage systems, river works or important urbanization works. Our proven experience can be precious for various markets in all E.U. countries, Russia, Middle East, Asian countries, U.S.A., Australia and Africa.